Single-station thermoforming machines: a.60 and a.80
Multi-station thermoforming machines: c.600 and c.800
Cardboard pallet folding machine: ask

These machines are best suited for the production of packaging from materials such as PET (aPET, rPET, cPET), PP, PS, PE, PLA and all thermoformable rigid films.

Basic features of the c.600/c.800 series machines:

  • High production capacity;
  • Ability to produce moulded parts with complex shapes;
  • Production from a wide range of materials, including multilayer, barrier and foam;
  • Ability to adapt the machine to produce cPET packaging;
  • Wide possibilities for initial machine configuration and subsequent expansion.

Machine comparison table




Max forming surface [mm]



Max mould opening height upwards [mm]



Max mould opening height downwards [mm]



Film thickness [mm]

0,15 ÷ 1,5 

0,15 ÷ 1,5 

Main radiator output [kW]



Length of heating station [mm]



Closing force of the forming station [N].

200 000 

300 000 

Closing force of cutting station [N]

500 000 

800 000 

Closing force of the forming and cutting station [N]

400 000 

600 000 

Closing force of hole-cutting station [N]

200 000 

300 000 

Max output [cycles/min]



Max. film width [mm]



Explore the possibilities of KELT thermoforming machines

Thermoforming is a key technology in plastic packaging production, offering efficiency, flexibility and wide adaptability to different market needs. The potential of this technology in the context of increasing automation and the drive towards sustainability is significant, making it extremely valuable in the modern packaging industry.


Our machines are designed and manufactured with 24/7 operation and many years of service in mind. All a.80 (formerly TFA-8060) and c.600/800 (formerly CF-600/CF-800) series thermoforming machines manufactured by us are in continuous operation*, mostly with their original Purchasers. *status as of January 2024).

Energy efficiency and ecology

One of our priorities when designing and manufacturing our machines is to ensure that the costs associated with their operation are as low as possible. This applies in particular to electricity consumption, minimising service costs or keeping production waste to a minimum. To this end, we incorporate a number of technical solutions and technologies to ensure this effect, such as:



  • recuperation (recovery) of kinetic braking energy by servo drives, including:
  • return of excess stored energy to the grid;
  • specially designed motion trajectories of the servo drives reducing energy consumption;
  • internal insulation of heating elements and external insulation of heating zones to minimise heat dissipation;
  • design of components exposed to wear and tear (e.g. chain guides) in materials with increased resistance;
  • operating algorithms and a range of mechanical solutions to ensure that production waste is minimised.

Our thermoformers are in the machinery of companies such as:


  • KGL S.A. (ex. Marcato Sp. z o.o.),
  • Guillin Polska (ex. Kreispack oraz KIV Kreis)
  • Artdam
  • Deko-Pack
  • Futura Plast
  • Lux-Pack

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